Wife Conceives While Husband was Sleeping

Ryan and Dee Harris have been trying so hard to have a baby for the past 18 months. They did and actually conceived their now 16-month-old son Lincoln while Ryan was asleep.

Ryan has a rare medical condition called sexsomnia or performing sexual acts which they cannot later remember.

According to Wikipedia:

“It is considered by some to be distinct from sleepwalking but most experts consider it to be a variant of sleepwalking, as most who suffer sexsomnia also sleepwalk. Those who suffer from sexsomnia have confusional arousals and rarely remember the event.”

Reacting to when Dee told him about having sex while sleeping:

“I’ve been talking in my sleep for years but when Dee told me we were having sex as well I thought she was joking.”

The first time it happened, Dee texted Ryan the following morning about the incident. He denied it.

Dee recalls:

“When I looked back, it was clear I’d conceived on a night we had ‘sleep sex’ as we call it– which means I’m half-awake and Ryan is actually totally sleep.”

Dee admits that she likes ‘sleep sex’ better. Which do you think is better?