Zombie Apocalypse: What Kind Of Survivor Are You?

From Night of the Living Dead to The Walking Dead and many movies and shows in between, it must be said that the possibility of a zombie apocalypse isn't too far from the minds of citizens.

Oh sure, the idea of a half living corpse bumbling down the street is readily laughed off.

In the daylight.

Late at night as you mull over the Ebola epidemic and real-life "zombie fungus", you may wonder if a zombie apocalypse isn't so far-fetched after all.

Imagine that you suddenly found yourself in the midst of a zombie-filled city.

If the zombie apocalypse began five minutes from now, which type of survivor would you be?

The Non-Survivor

First let's take some time to consider those unfortunate (?) souls who would NOT make it.

The list of reasons as to why someone would fail to survive is a zombie apocalypse is a long one.

Aside from those who simply have no will to live in a world where zombies are real, there are those who will be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Like this poor gas station attendant in Zombieland:

If the zombie apocalypse happened, we'd have to face up to the fact that some people just can't spend the rest of their lives fleeing from "walkers".

Strangely enough, these people usually kill it as brain-chomping, organ-munching zombies!

The "F*** It, We'll Do It Live!" Survivor

As with Bill O'Reilly's brave decision to improvise the close of an episode, some individuals have absolutely no plan of action for escaping a zombie attack in one piece.

These persons cannot be faulted for failing to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

Who walks around thinking that their friends and neighbors will suddenly morph into mindless blood-thirsty monsters?

Just like Shaun, they'll play the fall of humanity entirely by ear and wait for it all to blow over:

The "Migratory" Survivor

In The Walking Dead, you'll note that the main characters never stay in one place for long. This is true even of side or non-recurring characters.

The reason is that essentials like food, water, and medicine tend to be limited. Survivors would be forced to pick up and move on should it become painfully clear that a stronghold could no longer sustain them.

Since zombie hordes are often on the move as well, a stronghold being compromised could also lead to a forced relocation:

The "Now Is Our Chance At Utopia" Survivor

Some people can take lemons and make lemonade. Others can take a world ending-scenario and turn it into a chance to achieve their version of Shangri La.

Will it echo the Land of the Dead? In this post-zombie apocalyptic world, individuals are expected to be happy with society, even though the rich stayed rich and the poor are destitute zombie bait.

Or perhaps, as with The Governor, Utopia is a place where you are in charge and everyone does what you want (or pays the consequences):

It must be said that if humanity wasn't able to achieve Utopia before most of the global population became monsters, a zombie apocalypse doesn't provide the most ideal backdrop to make it happen.

With all scenarios considered, which zombie apocalypse survivor would you be? Would you even bother trying to make it through a zombie apocalypse?