‘Modern Family’ Star Sarah Hyland Granted Three Year Restraining Order Against Ex

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland has been granted a three year restraining order against her ex boyfriend Matt Prokop. The Modern Family actress made headlines when she split from Prokop after years of dating the actor. Then it was revealed via court documents that she was filing a restraining order after Prokop threatened her.

According to TMZ, Hyland was granted the restraining order as well as all of the stipulations that the star personally requested. Prokop is ordered to stay 100 yards away from her, the house, and her dog, Barkley Bixby, who he threatened to take away from the actress. The actor is also not allowed to go near the star’s workplace or own a firearm.

Shockingly, Hyland was in an abusive relationship with Prokop for years. During one incident prior to their split, the Modern Star’s ex, who was her boyfriend at the time, “pinned Hyland against a car during an argument about her outfit back in May and unleashed hell… calling her “c**t, c**t, c**t” and choking her.”

The documents continued to paint a horrifying picture of the abuse that Hyland endured. “His grip was so tight that I could not breathe or speak. I was scared and in fear for my life.”

The actress suffered injuries after the incident, complaining of a sore throat the next day.

The dangerous relationship was public knowledge amongst her colleagues at work. Co-star and TV mom Julie Bowen was even called to be a mediator when Hyland decided to break up with Prokop, because she feared for her own safety.

When Matt saw Julie he reportedly “freaked out.” As The Inquisitr reported, the actor ran to Hyland’s backyard “and began screaming.”

According to CBS News, Prokop had sent the actress, “vile, threatening and emotionally disturbing texts and voice mails including his own suicide threats.” This took place after they split back in August.

In addition, Sarah’s ex had threatened to set one of her homes on fire. After their split, Prokop entered a rehab facility, but was released late September, and that’s when the star moved to gain a restraining order against her ex.

The judge in LA granted a temporary restraining order, but this week that order became official for at least three years.

The actress is currently filming the new season of Modern Family with her co-stars. Although she’s going through a rough time, she still found some positivity and light and has been posting positive messages on her Instagram account.

[Image via s_bukley / Shutterstock.com]