Megadeth Founder Dave Mustaine's Mother-In-Law Vanishes: Sally Estabrook's Alzheimer's Complicates Search

The search continues for Megadeth guitarist Dave Mustaine's mother-in-law, who has been missing from her home in the San Diego area since Saturday. CBS reports that 75-year-old Sally Estabrook suffers from Alzheimer's disease and disappeared from her home in Julian while her husband was taking a shower.

Mustaine recently spoke with KFMB about the ongoing search for his wife's mother, stating that the family is "pretty distraught" and the fact that Estabrook has Alzheimer's complicates things "so much."
"My wife is very, very upset. I think, with [my mother-in-law] having Alzheimer's, it complicates it so much."
The former lead guitarist for Metallica, who co-founded his current band Megadeth, lived about an hour away from Estabrook until a week ago. Mustaine and his wife, Pam relocated to Tennessee last week and flew back to California when Pam's mother went missing.Dave Mustaine's son, Justis, tells KGTV that his father is "in shock" and the whole family misses her and hopes she is safe.
"We miss her. We want to come back... [Dave is] in shock. We're all in shock. She's been out there two nights already, no food, no water, nowhere to sleep. We just hope she's alright." reports that Dave Mustaine's mother-in-law's battle with Alzheimer's influenced the music on Megadeth's 2013 album, Super Collider. The song, Forget to Remember is about memory and forgetting, two things that the musician and his family are familiar with since Estabrook was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease.

Mustaine spoke about the song during a Shockwave podcast on and how it relates to the disease that his missing mother-in-law suffers from.

"The sad thing about Alzheimer's disease is it's like watching an ice sculpture of somebody you love melt in front of your eyes; it's really, really painful... the song ['Forget to Remember'] has a double entendre... you don't really know in this song if it's a girl that is intentionally trying to forget a relationship with a guy or if it's somebody who has Alzheimer's disease, which, really, is what it's about. I worded it so that it could be either way."
KGTV states that the search for Dave Mustaine's missing mother-in-law, Sally, was halted on Monday night but resumed early Tuesday morning. Officials describe Estabrook as a 75-year-old white female, 5 feet 4, 145 pounds with shoulder-length blonde hair.Estabrook was last seen wearing a teal top and white knee-length pants and may respond to her name, although the sheriff's office tells CBS that she is not very communicative. Anyone with information is asked to call 911 or the sheriff's department at (858) 565-5200.