Kate Middleton Attacked By Well-Known Feminist For Getting Pregnant Too Soon

Kate Middleton has come under some serious fire from a well-known feminist as she finds herself cancelling public engagements due to the acute morning sickness she has been suffering from with her second royal pregnancy.

Germaine Greer, who is an Australian theorist, academic and journalist, is a renowned feminist who took exception. During a Newsweek interview recently, to the Duchess of Cambridge’s conduct of late, calling her a “product of the royal playbook,” among other things.

According to Greer, Kate Middleton acts as she has to, being married to royalty, and doesn’t really champion the feminist cause enough for Greer. In the interview she said about Kate, “She has learned what she has to do and say and how to do and say it in the approved way.”

Greer revealed that Kate has little to no free choice at all, and isn’t even allowed to have a say in how her own house is decorated. She suggested that it’s an “anachronism” that Kate Middleton should be treated this way as even the American First Lady gets more of a say on matters than the Duchess.

The Independent reported that, along with the insults, Greer made sure to compliment Kate Middleton a little at the same time, alleging that she is “more intelligent than the rest of the royals,” even though her 2.1 honors degree from St Andrews University is more or less useless.

Thankfully, not everyone agrees with Germaine Greer when it comes to the relative merits of Kate Middleton. Caroline Watson, director and co-founder of Progressive Women, for example, described Kate as representing a new era in the royal family, “We have seen change in terms of the royal family in recent years, and I think Kate represents a different era, but she hasn’t spoken,” she said.

Sadly, it seems Greer took an immediate dislike to the Duchess of Cambridge, following her marriage to Prince William, saying that she was “overly thin” and suggesting her weight is evidence that she shouldn’t be having any more babies.

According to Greer, Kate should not be pregnant for a second time so soon after the birth of Prince George.