Nick Cannon & Mariah Carey Divorce Gets Weird, Insider Gives Bizarre Reason For Their Split

The Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey divorce is officially getting weird.

The couple’s split is getting increasingly public as both camps begin to lob accusations at the other, and the latest reason given for their split might just be the strangest yet.

A source allegedly inside Mariah’s camp just talked to Star Magazine, claiming that Mariah goes into odd trances where she literally needs to have someone keep her from falling over. The source went on to describe one of these episodes that took place during a video shoot:

“While the cameras were on she was amazing, singing and acting for the video. But right when the doctor yelled “Cut!,” Mariah could barely stand to get out of the pool. She fell into a sort of trance. It was really scary. Nick saw the whole thing, he was just standing back watching, while the team helped her up. They were acting like it was totally normal, because for her it was. Mariah often goes into trances. She even has a special assistant whose job it is to stand behind her, just in case she falls backward.”

Mariah Carey has also done her share of finger-pointing. During a concert in Japan, the singer appeared to call out her now estranged husband for cheating, changing the lyrics of the Billie Holiday song “Don’t Explain” to include a graphic accusation.

According to TMZ, Mariah was supposed to sing, “And I know you cheat/Right or wrong, don’t matter,” but instead she sang, “I know you cheated motherf***er.”

The divorce is reportedly taking its toll on Mariah Carey. In a separate report, Star Magazine noted that the split has touched off her already severe issues with self-esteem.

“It’s really sad. Her self-esteem is at an all-time low,” a source said. “She’s run down and bloated, and she isn’t sleeping. It’s horrific to see her like this, but Mariah wears her heart on her sleeve. People dismiss her as a demanding diva, but that’s not entirely true. She’s crippled with insecurities.”

The source claimed that Mariah Carey often goes “three or four” days without sleeping and often drinks wine and champagne, a dangerous combination. The source added that Nick Cannon wants to see her get help.

[Photo courtesy of Ryan/AP via Daily News]