ROH News: Major Ring Of Honor Wrestling Star Abruptly Quits Company On Twitter

In a surprising report, it appears as if a Ring of Honor star has decided to quit the company in a very big way. Former ROH World Champion Michael Elgin reportedly has had issues with ROH for some time, and had enough. He decided to quit the company today, but not in the classic turn in your two weeks notice type of way. Instead, he decided to hit up social media and make sure the world saw him quit.

Elgin said on Twitter

@ringofhonor I said this on our call, thank you for getting me back home. But, an article doesn’t fix lies and damage done. I QUIT.

This was just as ROH announced that he would be returning to the company this Saturday at Champions vs All-Stars. In fact, Elgin replied to the tweet that ROH sent out saying as much, which is comical in it’s own right.

Elgin is from Canada and apparently had some Visa issues recently, which forced him to leave ROH and go back to his homeland to take care of it all. ROH seemingly helped him get back into America, which was obviously to get him back into the company faster.

What is interesting is that the two sides seem to have a strained relationship, which makes many wonder why Elgin stayed around as long as he did. It is curious that he picked now, right when he is able to come back to the United States, to then quit the company he was signed with.

Many might think this is nothing of note as it could always be some sort of wrestling angle that ROH has been known to pull in the past. While ROH is known for doing such things, Live Audio Wrestling has been told that this is by no means an angle being pulled by the company. Many wonder what led to the sudden idea to leave. What is even more important is, does he has a guaranteed deal and some sort of no-compete clause? He might have pulled a CM Punk with this move, but that does not mean he has the same sort of luxuries that the Second City Saint enjoyed in WWE.

Legally, it is uncertain if Michael Elgin can simply just quit and walk away with no action taken against him, with breach of contract being one of those issues. Also, publicly quitting shows total disrespect to the company you worked for. That means that Elgin most likely has deep rooted issues with ROH that were simply too difficult to overcome.

More as we know it.

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