WWE News: Update On The Wyatt Family Split, Still No Plans For Bray Wyatt?

In what could be described as the worst act of WWE Creative of the season so far, the Wyatt Family-split took another turn last night on Monday Night Raw. For two weeks, the WWE aired Luke Harper vignettes that will ultimately lead to his removal from the group. They are saying that Harper was “set free” by Bray Wyatt. Wyatt is acting like a higher-power, when he talks about how he saved Harper.

It looks like Harper is set for a huge singles’ run, which will provide an interesting turn of events when he does finally debut. There was always something missing with the vignettes. Where in the world was Erick Rowan? That question was answered last night on Raw.

WWE aired their first vignette on Erick Rowan “getting saved” by the all-omnipotent Wyatt. The direction for Rowan’s character took a very weird turn, when at the end of the vignette, a pregnant woman showed her baby and it said in marker, “It’s Coming.” It looks like the WWE is pulling out all the stops for Rowan and Harper. Where does that leave Bray Wyatt? Good question, because recent history suggests they have no clue what to do with him.

“Since SummerSlam, Wyatt has lost six TV matches and more than a dozen dark matches & live event matches. Some of those losses have been in multi-man matches with Rowan and Harper, but a majority of them have been singles matches.

‘It was recently reported that WWE creative had no plans for Wyatt, but there’s been talk of turning him babyface and going in a different direction after the Luke Harper vignettes began airing last week.”

How sad is that? Wyatt hasn’t won a match on Raw since his steel cage match with Chris Jericho. There are no reports on Wyatt being hurt, so what is the deal? Is the WWE just acting lazy with their creative direction with a top-level guy? Wyatt’s mic skills are top-three in the company. His character alone can generate a fabulous story with his emotion and addictive mannerisms. Bray Wyatt can easily be the WWE World Heavyweight champion.

If Brock Lesnar weren’t around, that would be my choice as champion. He is just too good to waste. Wyatt seems like a company guy, so there is no going back. What makes everything seem odder is the fact that the Wyatt Family worked together on live shows over the weekend. Are they trying to tease the WWE Universe? Without a doubt, the Shield vs. Wyatt Family feud was the best television in years. Yet, they break up both teams, but that’s beside the point.

Where will the WWE take Wyatt after they debut Rowan and Harper? I’m not even sure they know that.

[Image via onlineworldofwrestling.com]