Hictu now offering video blog comments

Video microblogging service Hictu has upgraded its offering, at the same time entering the emerging blog video commenting space. Hictu, for those not aware of the service, was the very first video microblogging service, although it tends to be overlooked for Seesmic these days.

The upgrade to Hictu delivers a diversity of microblogging tools that pushes it towards the Utterz space. Alongside video, user can post audio along with the services original text (it started as a Twitter competitor). Users can add video from YouTube or Google Video, and in a colorful touch, can now add their mood when posting an item.

The more interesting announcement is Hictu’s move into the blog commenting space. Hictu has launched a WordPress plugin that allows users to comment on WordPress powered comment threads. In a big move for a service that is still invite only, like Seesmic Hictu replies will be able to be made anonymously, alongside comments from registered users. Comments made by Hictu users on Hictu in relation to a post (say in response to a video comment left) are posted back to the originating blog, creating a richer comment stream.

Blog commenting has been a strong driver of new traffic and members for Seesmic, although Viddler, who offer a similar blog commenting service, doesn’t appear to have had a similar uptake. Hictu isn’t free to sign up, so although there will be some uptake here, I’d think without opening the doors the service will only have limited benefits in growing Hictu itself.

Yes, I do have invites, but no, you can’t have them now (mostly because it’s late here). Follow me on Plurk by clicking here if you haven’t already, and I’ll be offering invites on Plurk after 4pm PDT Tuesday (9am AEST Wednesday).