WWE: Vince McMahon Once Stopped Triple H From Dating Stephanie McMahon

The leading WWE family was apparently not destined to be at one point, with Vince McMahon flip-flopping over whether or not he’d actually allow Triple H aka Paul Levesque to date his daughter Stephanie McMahon in real life. While it’s a well-known story in the WWE Universe, Stephanie recently opened up about the episode in a new interview.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, former WWE superstar Ricardo Rodriguez is claiming that Triple H is racist towards Hispanics and allegedly has stories to back up the accusation. The official WWE website is proclaiming that Triple H’s NXT will be as big as Monday Night RAW in the future, and there is already talk about a WWE Network Championship belt being created.

Paul Levesque certainly has an interesting history with the McMahon family. When Paul first joined the WWE he was welcomed by Vince McMahon wanting to name him Reginald DuPont Helmsley, a comical name that did not have Levesque laughing very much at the time. But Levesque fought back against Vince’s wishes, and thus, Hunter Hearst Helmsley was born.

Before Triple H went on to marry Stephanie McMahon for real in 2003 the company set up a story line where HHH and Stephanie had a fake on-screen marriage. This faction had Stephanie faking a pregnancy when the fake marriage was faltering in order to get him back on her side. But when the Helmsley character found out she was not really pregnant, he dumped her during Monday Night RAW and the marriage story line ended in a divorce.

This on-screen marriage translated into “insane chemistry” in real life according to Stephanie. The problem was that they were both WWE employees. and it was supposedly “strictly taboo” for them to date in real life. In fact, when Triple H did ask permission of Vince McMahon, the results were not too pretty at first.

“It was not always just all roses. We were given permission and then it was taken away,” Stephanie said. “In terms of the reasons why, I don’t know if he was getting pressure. It was a really big thing in our business for the top star to be dating the boss’ daughter and all of the implications it could have.”

Stephanie says that when Triple dated her, his career with the WWE was essentially in the crossfire if their real life story line followed the plot acted out on stage.

“My father knew my husband long before I ever did. He actually always says that he loved him first… there really was this wonderful respect and admiration between the two of them before I even came into the picture. So I don’t think it was too hard of a push. But when you think about what it took for my husband to put his career on the line. What if things didn’t go well?… If it didn’t work out, what would that mean for him?”

In the past, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have discussed how they have to make the switch between running the business in real life and acting out as The Authority. While this has the potential to make any marriage interesting, Stephanie says she leads a “charmed life” that ended in her “own princess story.”