Mariah Carey Calls Out Nick Cannon During Concert: ‘I Know You Cheated’

Mariah Carey might have just told everyone what went wrong in her marriage. During her concert in Japan, the singer apparently changed the lyrics to a song that she was performing, and totally called out Nick Cannon for cheating on her. According to TMZ, Mariah was singing “Don’t Explain” by Billie Holiday — a song about a “cheating lover” — when she sang lyrics that most people weren’t expecting… and you can hear it pretty clearly on every clip that has been released online.

Mimi was supposed to sing, “And I know you cheat/Right or wrong, don’t matter,” but instead she sang, “I know you cheated motherf***er.” So that was pretty straight forward, don’t you think?

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s marriage has been in the news for several weeks, with rumors that they were getting divorced circulating like crazy. Despite a denial of sorts by Cannon via Twitter, it seems obvious that Mariah and Nick are no longer together. That made people wonder why… what happened between these two that changed their relationship? And now it sounds like Mariah is ready to talk about it… on her own terms, of course.

According to Perez Hilton, the lyric change was more than obvious — and you can totally hear it for yourself in the video below. Check it out and see if you can hear Carey’s lyric-switch around the 4:30 mark. What words do you think Mariah sings? Do you think she intentionally changed the lyrics to be more personal (and to call out her cheating husband)?

Mariah Carey’s tour stop was pretty rough overall. Aside from her confession of sorts, Mariah was also slammed for not being able to hit high notes. She also had some microphone trouble — and she was slammed for that too. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Mimi’s voice was “shaky” and a lot of her fans were disappointed with her performance overall.

Aside from Mariah’s not-so-epic night, people are really wondering if Mariah actually meant to call Nick Cannon out… and if so, who did he cheat on her with? Nick has been linked to a few women over the past couple of months. From Amber Rose to Jasmine Sanders, there have been quite a few names thrown into the mix… Moreover, how did Mimi find out that Nick was cheating?

Mariah and Nick are still technically together, even though the two are reportedly not living together. Do you think they will split?

[Photo courtesy of Popdust]