‘Modern Family’ Stars Crash College Party, Interrupts Students Doing ‘Naughty’ Act

It’s not every day you can say you partied with Cam and Mitchell from Modern Family. Now a few students hosting a frat party can say just that. Even better, of the group of students, one couple in particular can even say that they were interrupted doing “naughty things” by the two stars.

If this sounds outlandish, don’t worry — this is not some crazy rumor. Actor Jesse Tyler Ferguson and his on-screen husband Eric Stonestreet have made several appearances to talk to students. One of their appearances was at Kansas State, and instead of talking to students and leaving the campus, they decided to have one heck of an immersive experience.

According to Gawker, Ferguson stopped by Conan last week to explain what happened when they drunkenly crashed a frat party. Of course, he also had pictures to show too, which just makes the story even better. According to Ferguson, Stonestreet is a graduate of Kansas State, and that’s why they decided to stay longer than anticipated.

“We spoke with some of the students, and then afterwards we did bar hopping, and the night ended with Eric saying, ‘Let’s go back to my frat house.’

“So this is like, 2:30 in the morning, and we just randomly go to the Pike frat house. And we knocked on the door, they open the door, and here’s these two people from television—iconic characters, if you ask me—and they were so thrown off, like, ‘What are you doing here?'”

As we promised, this story gets even better when they decided to roam the hallways of the frat house.

“[We] found Eric’s photo on the wall and then he’s like, ‘Let’s go into my old room.’ So he just opens up a room that he used to live in, and there was a man in there with his lady-friend, and they were under the sheet doing naughty, naughty things.

“The couple, who were shocked, quickly got over the awkward situation and jumped into fan mode. The girl quickly covered herself, and the couple said excitedly, ‘Oh my god, can we get a picture with you guys?'”

Fortunately for viewers, those pictures of the Modern Family stars with the frat couple were shown on Conan. When the stars aren’t crashing frat houses, they’re filming Season 6 of the ABC comedy.

Here’s two photos from the night.

Watch Jesse talk about the incident on Conan.

[Image via ABC]