Rick Ross, LMFAO Legal Battle Heats Up

Andre Poyser

Rick Ross' legal action against LMFAO has received a strong response from the pop duo.

Earlier in the year, The Hollywood Reporter released court documents which revealed that hip-hop superstar Rick Ross and Jermaine Jackson filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against LMFAO, the Los Angeles-based electropop duo of Stefan Kendal Gordy (Redfoo) and Skyler Austen Gordy (SkyBlu).

At issue is LMFAO's chart-topping 2010 song "Party Rock Anthem," which contains the phrase "Everyday I'm shufflin' " in the chorus. Ross says this is a clear rip off of his own chart-topper "Hustlin'," which contains the lyric "Everyday I'm hustlin'." The song was released on Ross' 2006 debut album, Port of Miami.

According to the court documents filed by Rick Ross in a Florida federal court, LMFAO's song constitutes a derivative work because the line of the song that is in dispute differs by a mere word substitution and seeks to capitalize on the success of Ross' hit song.

Ross and co-composer Jermaine Jackson are seeking an injunction and maximum statutory damages from LMFAO. While no figure was given, the damages could amount to a substantial amount considering the massive sales figures of "Party Rock Anthem," and its use in various films, TV shows, video games and advertisements. The phrase in question has also appeared on T-shirts and other items in LMFAO's Party Rock Clothing line.

The Inquisitr had reported that LMFAO has said that their material was fair game because Ross was doing the same thing.

The pop stars have since filled legal documents responding to the suit.

According to Design & Trend, the duo filed court documents last week which asked for the suit to be thrown out. The documents challenged the basis upon which Rick Ross took court action noting that the messages of both songs are diametrically opposed, and as such, they cannot constitute a copyright infringement given that the nature of both songs are different.

The documents stated, "the lyrics of the composition 'Party Rock Anthem' tell a story and express a life philosophy completely opposite to the story and philosophy celebrated and espoused in 'Hustlin.'"

The Gordys argued that rather than endorsing Ross' story of a cocaine trafficker's criminal lifestyle, their hit song sends a more positive message. LMFAO stated that their line, "Everyday I'm shufflin" is actually a reference to the Melbourne Shuffle, a rave and club dance from Australia.

The duo has demanded that Ross' lawsuit be dismissed.

[Image via Hollywood Reporter]