‘Fifty Shades Of Grey’ Movie: Jamie Dornan Says Nude Scenes Make Him ‘Sick,’ Backs Out Of Sequel?

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is just four months away from its release, and the lead actor has already hinted at not doing a sequel… if there even is a sequel planned. There are three books in the series, so many figured that there might be three films… but Jamie Dornan (who plays Christian Grey) sort of said that he is not interested in reprising the role. Ever. According to Cosmopolitan, Dornan sounds like he’s done with the franchise — if you even want to call it that — in a recent interview.

“‘It’s actually too insane,’ says Dornan of the attention and fandom surrounding the film, adding, ‘if it’s a nightmare, we’ll move to Outer Mongolia or something, and live in a yurt.'”

Dornan also said that he’s “sick” of getting naked on camera. So, that pretty much guarantees that he’s not even thinking about a sequel, right? What’s Fifty Shades without graphic sex scenes?

The Fifty Shades Of Grey movie is highly anticipated. It’s Valentine’s Day release is expected to produce serious numbers at the box office, as the film will target both couples, and singles… it can spice up the love life, or just allow people to live vicariously through Anastasia Steele (played by actress Dakota Johnson).

Perhaps the hype just isn’t there for Dornan, who was actually not the original actor cast to play Mr. Grey. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Sons Of Anarchy actor Charlie Hunnam dropped out of the film just weeks after he was announced as the lead. It is believed that the actor wanted nothing to do with the craziness that was the film, and he thought that the role would negatively impact his career. The weekend of February 14, 2015 will prove him right or wrong.

“Anybody that knows the process of actors with integrity going about choosing roles knew that all of those questions would have been answered in the very first meeting and that had any of that actually been the case, I would have not gotten myself in the situation in the first place.”

Fifty Shades Of Grey could be great or could go terribly wrong. It’s hard to imagine such a pornographic book being made into a movie without all of the rated X stuff… but apparently it happened, and people are going to get to see it for themselves soon.

Jamie Dornan might have not been people’s first choice to play Christian Grey (seriously, why wasn’t Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer begged?), but based on the trailer, it seems like he’s done an okay job with it, given the context of the book. Do you think he makes a good Christian Grey? Are you surprised that he doesn’t seem interested in playing Mr. Grey again?

[Photo courtesy of Getty Images/Dave M. Benett via Ryan Seacrest]