‘Cat Logic’ Shows Us How Our Fluffy Friends’ Minds Work [Video]

Cat logic is something every owner of the fluffy ones deals with, and YouTube’s Cole and Marmalade have teamed up with Rachael Ray Nutrish to give us a glimpse of the odd behavior cats are known for. These are some of the things your cat will probably do to leave you astonished and shaking your head.

The first example is an elaborate play center for the furry one, which of course gets ignored as the cat jumps into the box it came from and makes himself comfortable. This of course is common knowledge, because cats apparently love boxes.

The second example is a filtered water bowl set up to keep your cat drinking healthy, but when given a choice, he’d rather drink from the kitchen faucet.

If you give your cats lots of toys, they will probably end up playing with random junk on the floor instead.

Yes, according to cat logic, the more effort you put into pleasing the cat, the more you probably realize you guessed wrong.

The next cat in the video is caught on film attempting to eat a power cord. Yet another begs you to pet him, and if you do it for too long, he starts fighting to keep you going.

The next example shows an expensive cat bed, with the cat choosing to take a nap on a discarded pizza box. Other popular places to nap include the laundry basket, random boxes full of stuff, a bowling bag, a slow cooker, and the shelf where you put your clean clothes.

Another example is a cat trying to get at some fish in an aquarium, followed by a cat perched right on the edge of the bath tub and going out of his way to stay out of the water.

Do you have any further examples of cat logic that this cat video didn’t cover?

[Image via Miltonious]