ISIS In America: Teen Arrested At O’Hare, Accused Of Aiding Terror Group

More evidence that ISIS has recruited American citizens was made clear this weekend in Chicago. According to CNN, a teenager was arrested at the airport after purchasing a round-trip ticket from Chicago to Istanbul, Turkey. Mohammed Hamzah Khan, 19, was stopped after he went through security at the airport.

“Once he crossed security at the airport Saturday, federal agents stopped him and executed a search warrant at his home, where documents expressing support for ISIS and jihadists were recovered, the U.S. Attorney’s Office said. The teen was taken into custody without incident,” reports CNN.

Khan has been charged with attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. He faces 15 years in prison for the one count as well as a hefty fine of about $250,000. According to ABC News, the FBI believes that Khan wanted to join ISIS — and he isn’t the only one. There have been quite a few Americans who have left the country heading to the Middle East in hopes of being trained by terror groups. It’s unknown how long the training takes or what is being planned… but none of it sounds good for the United States.

“Top U.S. security officials have estimated that around 100 Americans have traveled to the Middle East to take part in the conflict in Syria and Iraq with various militant groups, including ISIS.”

ISIS has been rumored to be reaching some kind of truce with al-Qaeda, which could be super bad news for America. According to The Inquisitr, there could be more threats made against the U.S., as these two terror groups could plan something catastrophic. Not to mention the fact that most people only recently learned about ISIS — but what if the group has been quietly training American citizens for years? Surely there have been people who have traveled to the Middle East from time to time, right?

A fear that many people have involves terrorists being on American soil. That citizens are already here, already trained, and are just waiting to carry out the next big attack. It is certainly a possibility, one that has been investigated… but no one knows what’s to come.

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