Bruce Jenner Ditches Ponytail, Gets A Blowout For Elton John

Bruce Jenner gave up his ponytail for a night out on the town. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star wore his long locks blown out for the Elton John concert in Los Angeles, which he attended on Saturday night. According to TMZ, Bruce was in great company: His son Brandon and his wife Leah went to the concert with him, as did another unidentified female. However, it was much less about the company that Bruiser had and much more about his look of choice for the evening.

With all of the sex change rumors just about overflowing, the media payed very close attention to Bruce’s style. It appears as though he dyed his hair a shade or two darker, giving up his carrot top, maybe for good. Bruce’s face also looked rather chiseled, which could be a sign that he’s had more work done. Bruce Jenner has been under a microscope since he had his Adam’s apple shaved — or maybe even longer.

According to Radar Online, Bruce hasn’t helped quell rumors about him wanting to become a woman. If anything, he has made them seem more real. Aside from his throat shaving and his facelift, Bruce has been seen in shape wear, in something that looked much like a sports bra, and has spent a fair amount of time at the salon — for both his hair and his nails.

According to The Inquisitr, rumors that Bruce has been taking estrogen to grow breasts has been a pretty big story on the web. No matter what Bruce does, he’s criticized. The guy can’t even do normal every day stuff without the media commenting.

“If he steps out in shorts, the media comments on his shaved legs. If he’s out golfing, there are comments about his long hair. If Bruce is spotted at the nail salon… well that’s self explanatory.”

Apparently Bruce Jenner doesn’t really care about what the media says about him. He’s going through a divorce (Kris Jenner filed papers last month), and he’s trying to be his own person… someone who isn’t a Kardashian, and that’s not easy given the hand that he has been dealt. Some people can’t help but feel bad for Bruce, and that’s understandable. The guy hasn’t had it easy. And if he wants to be a woman… or do feminine things… just to feel better about himself? Well, then why shouldn’t he?

[Photo courtesy of FameFlyNet via Celebuzz]