‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare’ Videos Illustrate Destructive Power Of Goliaths And Turrets

Four unlisted videos to promote Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC landed Saturday. There is nothing terribly spoiler-ish about them, but each shows some of the new gameplay aspects that are being introduced with the latest in the COD franchise.

The videos are unlisted on the official Call of Duty YouTube channel, and being used as part of a marketing promotion. Charlie Intel discovered that they can be unlocked by going to the Advanced Warfare website and clicking on medals that can be earned single player and multiplayer.

The first Advanced Warfare video features a remote turret that shoots directed energy. This is one of the many new Scorestreak Modules that will be introduced for this edition of Call of Duty.

It looks pretty deadly thanks to a combination of highlighting approaching enemies and delivering a nearly one-shot kill burst of energy. The operator will have to find a convincing hiding spot though, or else they will be shut down quickly.

The second video shows a player hopping into one of the XS1 Goliath mech suits to earn the “Terminated” multiplayer medal. The suit is clearly a beast, as it quickly took down close to ten opponents in no time with its Gatling Gun and homing missiles. Players will not want to face this out in the open and without any heavy weaponry available.

The third video shows some of the heavy weaponry that could be used to bring down the XS1 Goliath. It’s another remote turret featuring a mounted rocket launcher. However, the rocket launcher can be detached and carried by players to take down enemies. This includes big enemies in big mech suits.

The fourth and final video does the best of the four showing off the maneuverability of the exo-suits introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The video is from the new Uplink multiplayer type that reminds me a little of Griffball from Halo, just minus the Gravity Hammers. In Uplink, two teams compete over a ball-shaped Drone and score points by running it or throwing it into a goal, so being able to move quickly is obviously important.

Those are all of the videos that have been unlocked on the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare website so far. Expect more to come soon leading up to its November 4 release on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, and last-gen consoles.

Do these videos help sell you on the changes coming with Advanced Warfare? Sound off in the comments below.

[Images via Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare]