Mother Defends Teenage Son Accused Of Raping 69-Year-Old Jogger

One Tennessee teenager is facing aggravated rape charges for allegedly raping a 69-year-old jogger. The teenage, who has been identified as 17-year-old Diontae Smartt, allegedly attacked the older man on the morning of September 29. According to WTVC, the elderly victim suffered “serious bodily injury including blunt force trauma injuries to his head.”

On Wednesday, October 1, police arrested Smartt at his high school. No details have been released about how police linked Smartt to the incident, but he reportedly admitted to committing the crime. Although the shocking incident is quite bizarre, Court Administrator Samuel Mairs stated that the teenager reportedly gave police a verbal and written confession, reports B2C.

However, his mother still refuses to believe that her son could commit such a heinous crime. As a matter of fact, she insists her son was coerced into confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. His family also believes he is innocent. Although he submitted a written confession, he also denied the allegations during his juvenile hearing on Thursday, October 2.

According to Times Press, the family released statements defending the boy. His mother insists he did not commit the crime, and that her child wouldn’t do such a thing.

“I know he didn’t do it,” his mother said.”That’s not what type of child I got. He’s a good child.”

“He ain’t a pedophile,” another family member said.

She also shared a number of details about her son. She admitted her son had previously faced charges of disorderly conduct, but has made positive changes and has given his life to Christ.

On Thursday, October 2, District Attorney General Neal Pinkston filed a petition to have the teenager’s case moved to Hamilton County Criminal Court where he could be tried as an adult. However, the judge has reportedly denied the request.

Smartt is currently being held in jail without bond.

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