Thanks To The Right To Bear Arms, Man Was Able To Halt Robbery By Four Suspects

The Second Amendment, known as the right to bear arms, has been in the news thanks to a handful of shooting spree massacres. The Inquisitr has covered stories that tackle both sides of the argument. On the side that wants to change the amendment, there was an argument which states tanks and rocket launchers are not included, followed by a debate if the government should subsidize guns for everyone. In retaliation, the side supporting the amendment rallied for their rights or to go topless. Even some restaurants are showing their support, including one that “welcomed guns” and another which gave a discount for patrons bringing their guns in.

One of the benefits of the Second Amendment was shown in a report about a man who was able to fend off a robbery involving four armed suspects with his own firearm. Two of the suspects escaped, while two others were killed.

According to KHOU, four suspects barged into a bar known as EJ’s Place, located on the 16500 block of Kuykendahl Road in Harris County, just after closing at 2:30 a.m. on a Saturday morning. Upon entry, the armed suspects demanded money. However, they did not expect another bar patron to pull out his gun and exchange fire with the suspects. During the firefight, two of the suspects were killed and the other two ran from the scene. Shortly after, the patron left too. The Harris County Police Department is trying to identify the man, as confirmed by Sgt. Robert Spurgeon.

“We’re still trying to determine who he is, and why he left the scene, He has his right to protect himself and his family and his friends. It’s just unfortunate something like that happened.”

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating if the four suspects are associated with a robbery at a gas station on Cypresswood earlier that night. As for the patron who fended off the robbery, people believe he was in the right.

The Blaze followed up on the report, and were able to attain more insight from others who heard about what happened at EJ’s Place. Danielle Russell was one of the first to make her opinions known.

“Being a mom, yeah. I would feel safe knowing that he has a gun and he’s going to protect me in a robbery.”

Another person, who is a customer at EJ’s Place, reportedly stated that the man who stopped the robbery typically stays until the bar closes, and then walks female bartenders to their vehicles. The person added that the customer wouldn’t start violence but would protect his friends.

Now that you’ve read the news about the man who seems to be a hero in his community by stopping a robbery, what are your opinions? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Image via KHOU]