Rex Grossman Gets Benched, John Beck Takes Over

It wasn’t a pretty game for for Rex Grossman during Sunday’s loss to Philadelphia and now Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan has made the decision to bench Grossman in favor of QB2 John Beck.

Speaking about being pulled as the teams starting quarterback Grossman said:

“I was frustrated,” and “Not completely surprised, but disappointed that I wasn’t able to come back off that game.”

While Grossman acknowledged his poor ball control and overall play during the Eagles outing he also said he should be kept as the teams starting QB based off his first four starts of the season.

“I do think they were good performances,” he said. “The frustrating part about it is they should’ve been great. But statistics and ratings — you go out there to win. You don’t try to put up numbers. It’s very obvious when you have a great rating and you put up a lot of points, there’s no doubt you played great. Any time you don’t produce enough points and statistics, it leaves room for judgment.

“I had an opportunity to make it clear as day, and it wasn’t. For the first four games, I played well. I could show you to prove it, but it doesn’t matter. At this point, it is what it is.” Overall Grossman has 18 giveaways in just eight Redskins starts

The position was definitely Grossman’s to lose after he had to prove himself over the preseason in a tight race for the starting position with Beck, a position Grossman thought he had locked down when noting:

“I felt secure in my job … So that wasn’t the case at all.”

In the meantime Grossman has had a hard time holding onto the ball, allowing nine interceptions in five games with two lost fumbles.

While Grossman is not currently taking two many snaps with the teams first-line offense he acknowledges that a few bad plays could put him back on the field with his old job in place.

In the meantime Shanahan has voices his approval for both of his top quarterbacks:

“I believe in Rex, and I believe in John Beck,” Shanahan said. “I told you that from Day One. Both guys, I’m hoping, are going to be here for a long time. … I’ve been around quarterbacks in the National Football League for a long time, and I know these guys have got what it takes.”

In the meantime switching out Rex Grossman for John Beck is a no-brainer after Grossman started the season with a 110.5 passer rating against the New York Giants only to watch his rating slip to 74.9, then 77.5, followed by a 48.5 performance and then this weeks 23.7. When all is said and done Grossman’s 66.5 overall passer rating is the second worst in the league.

Do you think Shanahan made the right decision in pulling Grossman in favor of Beck?