Cleveland’s Johnny Manziel Misses His Good Old College Days

Johnny Manziel misses college life.

The former Heisman winning quarterback told recently that his bye week visit to his alma mater Texas A&M stirred up the longing to return to the good old college days.

“I miss those guys in the locker room. I miss Coach Sumlin. I think it’s fair for me to say that I miss college life, but this is the decision that I made.”

It probably hasn’t helped that in Cleveland, Johnny Manziel has failed to crack the starting lineup, losing out to quarterback Brian Hoyer during the team’s offseason competition. At Texas A&M, Johnny was big man on campus, not small man holding a clip board as he is for the Browns.

But before anyone thinks Manziel regrets his decision to leave Texas A&M after just his sophomore year, Johnny Football did reiterate to the media that he knew what he was getting into by declaring for the draft.

“I knew very well going into the draft last year that it was going to be different for me and going to be a time for me to grow up. That’s the path I chose. And if I wanted to stay in college and sleep in and go to class and horse around like I was doing the past couple years, then I should have stayed.”

Still, Manziel does note the stark contrast between college life versus being among adults with families.

“They’ve got a lot of other things going on. In college, you’re in the same class with some of the guys, you’re doing the same things on campus, you’re doing the same things outside of football, too. I feel like you’re a lot more of a tight-knit group in college, but at the same time, there’s still a lot of love in this locker room and a lot of that in an NFL locker room I still feel.”

Manziel hasn’t made a strong case to play up to this point. And according to FOX Sports, Johnny Football is making it harder on himself if he expects to get in the game. Manziel was caught laughing on the sidelines earlier today while his team was getting crushed during the first half of their game against the Tennessee Titans.

To make matters worst for Manziel, Brian Hoyer led the Cleveland Browns to an epic comeback after trailing by more than 24 points going into the second half. Hoyer connected with Travis Benjamin with 1:06 left to go with the game winning score.

Johnny Manziel was left simply holding the clipboard on the sideline, presumably reminiscing about how much better his life was in college.

[Johnny Manziel photo courtesy FOX Sports]