Derek Hough, Bethany Mota Dating? ‘DWTS’ Couple Rumors Heat Up

Derek Hough and Bethany Mota certainly have chemistry on the dance floor, but are the two hooking up? Not exactly. Sources close to Hough say that he loves his new dance partner, but she’s more like a sister to him. According to The Bustle, Hough and Mota have a good relationship, but things are not romantic. This could be because of their age difference. Hough is 29, while YouTube star Mota is just 18.

“Some believe it’s unlikely that the two are romantically involved, since there is quite a large age gap between them. Reports say that their relationship is that of an older brother-younger sister type and their interactions are similar to how Mark Ballas treats his teenager partner Sadie Robertson.”

Derek Hough and Bethany Mota have done quite well together on Dancing With The Stars thus far. While not too many people were familiar with Mota (not even Derek!), she has proven to have serious star power. With a great teacher like Hough, her success on the show isn’t surprising at all. In fact, last week, the couple nailed their dance (a Singing In The Rain inspired number) and received a perfect score of 40/40.

Speaking of perfect scores… As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there is a better chance of a romance between Val Chmerkovskiy and his partner, Pretty Little Liars actress Janel Parrish, who also received a 40/40 last week. The two have gotten quite close over the past couple of weeks, and even though Parrish has a boyfriend, sources say that sparks are flying off of the ballroom floor too.

As for this week, Derek Hough and Bethany Mota have something really “special” planned. On his TV Guide blog, Hough talked about this week’s dance — and it’s significance overall.

“This week is Most Memorable Year of Your Life. Bethany’s is about her experience with cyberbullying. It’s a very important message in this day and age. She went through cyberbullying when she was young and that’s why she got into YouTube. It’s not about bully themselves, but understanding why bullies are the way they are. A bully is someone is who doesn’t love themselves. Now with Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and everything, people love to write terrible things. But you want to choose the way you feel in the way you take something, even the good things. We rely on likes and retweets. What happens is once you rely on something external to feel a certain way, it makes you vulnerable because you can let it get you down. You should choose the way you perceive things.”

Are you a Derek Hough fan? Do you think that he and Mota are romantically involved in any way?

[Photo courtesy of ABC/Adam Taylor]