Travis Kelce Does Ric Flair Strut As Touchdown Celebration

Ric Flair probably knows that imitation is sincerest form of flattery. Ric Flair also knows that his little strut has kept wrestling fans happy for decades. Travis Kelce paid the ultimate tribute to the former pro-wrestler on Sunday afternoon after he scored a first quarter touchdown for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Kelce, the starting tight end for the Chiefs found the end zone to give his team a 7-0 lead over the San Francisco 49ers, decided he wanted to use a beloved celebration to signal his joy to the 49ers’ faithful. Kelce broke into the strut immediately after crossing the goal line and finished it off with a “woooo” big enough everyone in the stadium knew what he was doing. He then blew what had to be seen as a taunting kiss to the San Francisco home crowd.

Whether the Ric Flair strut was done because Kelce is indeed a Ric Flair fan isn’t known. Those in the NFL know the former wrestler is a devout San Francisco 49ers fan, once even recording a video tribute to the team to get them fired up before a playoff game. It’s possible Kelce wanted to stick it to the team and its fans as much as he possibly could by making the strut his own.

It seems likely Ric Flair might not have been all that thrilled that his personal celebration was used against his favorite team, but it also seems likely he’ll understand the value of gamesmanship in a contest like this. Meanwhile, Travis Kelce is becoming a threat other teams are going to have to plan to stop when they take on the KC Chiefs. The tight end has made himself a real weapon when the team has the ball close to the end zone. Kelce has now caught a touchdown pass in his last three games. None of those TD passes were for much of any yardage, as the total yards he’s amassed with those scores is three yards.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are both attempting to recapture the success they’ve had in recent seasons after slow starts. Kansas City actually lost its first two games of the season, but is looking for its third straight win this Sunday. The 49ers have looked great at times and terrible at others, but have a small winning streak of their own as they beat the Philadelphia Eagles last week. It seems likely that if the Chiefs win today, Kelce might be doing the Ric Flair strut a little more often.