WWE News: NXT Developmental Wrestler Being Hyped As The Next Big Thing

WWE has been known lately to sign studs who can be big stars for them in the future. Triple H has found some of the best Independent performers in the world such as Kevin Steen, Prince Devitt, and KENTA, just to name a few. However, WWE enjoys finding guys with no prior wrestling experience and developing them into major stars.

Take Roman Reigns, for instance. He has a strong wrestling pedigree being related to the Samoan family that has made waves in WWE. Yet Reigns did not come into WWE with any experience, and had to essentially learn on the fly. He is now considered to be one of WWE’s biggest new stars. While he might be hurt, it’s expected that Reigns will be pushed massively upon his return.

WWE realizes that although the Indy stars are guaranteed to give them good matches, they can still find guys with no experience who can give them a lot. Enter Dylan Miley, who is also known as Dylan Mile and William McNamee.

He is an unknown man who came into WWE’s Performance Center and wowed everyone with a 37-inch vertical leap in his tryout back in 2013. While that measures out to a little over three feet, you have to think about how impressive it is to jump that high from a standing position. The interesting part is that athletes from the NFL are barely able to reach this. There are some basketball players who cannot.

He was involved in a WWE tryout which saw Indy stars Joey Ryan, Davey Richards, and Eddie Edwards. Dylan was one of the only people signed, and neither of the men mentioned were for some reason.

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There was some earlier error on his actual name by news websites, but WWE officially went with an @DylanMWWE twitter name for him, meaning we at least have that much on him now. The original idea was to call him Mac Miles.

He is quite a large man standing at 6-foot-3 and weighing in at 285 pounds. It appears as if WWE is going to be making that part of his charm as a character. He is a former bodybuilder, so WWE obviously loves that he can come in with impressive size. He has very large hands, which has led to speculation that the WWE might be giving him “the claw” as his finishing move. It seems WWE really wants to promote his large hands as most of his social media material involved his hands being highlighted.

It is said that Dylan is also “a spectacle on the mic.” This is interesting, as WWE loves to bring big guys in, but it is rare to find a big guy like this with great mic skills these days.

In another interesting development, it appears as though WWE released Dylan back in August. However, obviously he was either not released or was brought back as he is currently on the roster. It is uncertain why he has not yet had a match after signing with WWE nearly a year ago, but the thought could be that he is just now ready to get in the ring.

He is currently 25-years-old, so there is no rush to push him to the main roster. This could be why WWE has taken their time with him.

WWE has been getting NXT stars to hype Dylan up, which is why we have seen stars like Kevin Steen and Sasha Banks talk him up on social media. Due to his size, athletic ability, and potentially impressive mic work, we could see him become a major star. WWE certainly feels he will be a huge star for them in the future, so let’s hope he impresses on his NXT debut.

[IMG Credits: WrestleShare.com]