Rosamund Pike Looks Poised For The Big Time

Rosamund Pike isn’t new to the whole acting thing. What Pike is relatively new to is the spotlight being shined on her portrayal of Amy Dunne, the wife who suddenly goes missing in the blockbuster hit Gone Girl. The blonde bombshell has been toiling in different levels of stardom for years now, and it appears the entire world wants to learn just a little more about the British actress.

One little piece of information coming from Pike is that her parents were both opera singers. It makes sense Rosamund would head towards the world of entertainment with that kind of a background. The actress recently appeared on Seth Meyers’ talk show and discussed how her upbringing might have actually helped her nail her role as Amy Dunne.

“It makes you sort of a weird kid, I think. You have sort of a distorted view of reality. You think life is full of high intrigue, passion, dark drama, infidelity, murder. And people behaving in extreme ways,” Pike said on the show.

Despite not being an A-lister (yet) herself, Rosamund has worked with some of the most popular leading men in Hollywood. Obviously, Gone Girl puts Pike alongside Ben Affleck. Rosamund has also appeared alongside Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Bruce Willis, and Ryan Gosling. In total, Rosamund Pike has been working in television and movies since 1998. Still, this particular picture seems to be the one that is going to give her the fame and fortune she’s due.

As The Guardian points out, the role in Gone Girl is one that would have gone to Nicole Kidman or Kate Winslet. Rosamund grabbing the role is about more than her being a younger version of those two very established actresses. Though even if it was because people view Pike as someone who is a younger version of Kidman, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Being a younger version of Winslet could potentially mean a 20-year or more career in Hollywood.

It’s safe to say Rosamund showed quite a bit more depth in acting than she did when she burst onto the movie scene in 2002 as a Bond girl. While she was certainly pretty enough, her character wasn’t particularly deep or mysterious. Working alongside director David Fincher and Affleck, Rosamund Pike has shown the ability to play both the calculating manipulator and the innocent victim in one small but quite attractive package.