Donald Trump Rails on Obama, Weighs in on 2012 Candidates

While it seems, thankfully, that the specter of Donald Trump as a 2012 Republican candidate has dissipated, the toupee’d New Yorker hasn’t quit weighing in on the GOP melee going on right now.

Trump has been doing talk show circuits, chatting to hosts about the current Republican frontrunners and dangling his endorsement- which he feels would have a massive impact- around the rapidly shifting pool of GOP frontrunners. And according to Trump, the pool of Republican contenders are all eagerly awaiting the Donald’s nod. He explained earlier on Today:

“Well, I would give somebody a very big leg up. I’ve told some that I will not be making a decision [yet]. They’re all up here. They’re calling.”

Trump said that he felt all the GOP possibilities had more merit than President Obama, who he says “has been a total and complete disaster.” One candidate he spoke highly of was Herman Cain, and not surprisingly, Trump favors the simplistic 9-9-9 tax plan over more complicated, brainy suggestions:

“I think he’s got great substance. He’s got a great personality. He’s got a great way about him, and people relate to him,” says Trump. He also isn’t completely critical of the 9-9-9 tax plan set forth by Cain. “But [the 9-9-9 tax plan] is something. OK? It’s something. He’s putting something out there. Other people are putting out 97-page reports… He’s not just catering to me, he’s catering to a lot of people, and they understand the simplicity of it. It’s simple. It’s concise. It’s easier to understand. Now, I will say this. I think the sales tax part of it is very tough. Now, do I like being brought down to 9 percent? I love it.”


Do you think a Trump endorsement will be a GOP gamechanger? Do you have a favorite Republican frontrunner?