Top Women’s Halloween Costumes For 2014 Include Creepy ‘Annabelle’-Inspired Dolls

The top Halloween costumes for women aren’t all mass-produced junk.

This year, there will be plenty of the usual sexy cats, cops, and cowgirls. There will also be a ton of women dressed up in pre-made Elsa Halloween costumes. However, while the Ice Queen from Disney’s Frozen is an awesome character, she doesn’t make for a very creative costume.

If you’re looking for something a little more unique, you might want to check out Pinterest. According to Mashable, the website recently unveiled its list of top-searched Halloween costumes for 2014, and it includes some really fun ideas for women.

The most popular costume for this year is described as “a creepy broken doll.” The great thing about this look is that you can create a costume that’s truly one-of-a-kind. All you need is a doll-like dress from a thrift store, a lot of makeup, and some fake eyelashes.

Broken Doll Halloween Costume

You can add extra touches like a curly wig and a big bow in your hair, and you’ll need to draw on a few cracks to make yourself look like a broken doll. If you’re not sure how to do your makeup, you should be able to find some YouTube tutorials that will be helpful.

If the doll Halloween costumes above aren’t creepy enough for you, you could always try to make yourself look like the hideous doll from the movie Annabelle. The horror flick will still be fresh on everyone’s minds by the time Halloween rolls around. There’s an incredible YouTube tutorial that shows you how to transform into Annabelle, but you might have to be a pro to recreate makeup artist Charlie Short’s Annabelle look.

Other fun doll ideas include ventriloquist dummies, zombie Barbies, and voodoo dolls. You could even dress up like the real Annabelle that the movie is based on — she was just a normal Raggedy Ann doll.

Speaking of Raggedy Ann, clown Halloween costumes could be in vogue this year. This is because American Horror Story: Freak Show is introducing an evil clown named Twisty. The opening credits for the show feature a few creepy clown dolls, so if you’re an American Horror Story fan, you could combine the “creepy broken doll” and clown costume ideas by dressing up like a creepy broken clown doll covered in cracks.

If you want to spend more time perfecting your makeup and less time putting together a costume, you can find doll Halloween costumes at costume shops. Spirit Halloween sells voodoo doll, marionette, wind-up doll, and sexy Chucky from Child’s Play costumes.

Doll Halloween Costumes

For couples, Rock Hill Daily suggests dressing up like Chucky and his doll bride Tiffany. Other ideas include a goth doll with a black yarn wig or a goth porcelain doll all decked out in black and white.

Will you be wearing any of these doll-inspired Halloween costumes this year?

[Image credits: Charlie Short, ahlois via Reddit, Spirit Halloween]