New Jersey Transit partners with Google for mobile payment options

New Jersey transit is going to go just a bit more smoothly thanks to a partnership between Google and the New Jersey Transit.

In the first partnership of its kind, the two will be teaming up to integrate Google Wallet’s “Tap-and-Pay” feature into the New Jersey public transportation systems, offering travelers a quick and easy way to pay and get going. The technology uses near-field communication tech, allowing customers to “touch” their smartphone on a sensor to transmit their credit card data.

“Transit is the fastest way to accelerate adoption and reach usage density in major urban centers by habituating the behavior of tapping and paying with phones,” said Google vice president of commerce Stephanie Tilenius in a statement.

Initially, the payment option will only be possible by way of a free app on Sprint’s Nexus G smartphone. Google says it will be rolling out the feature in other Android-powered smartphones, but they didn’t provide a timeline on availability.


The “Tap-and-Pay” options are available at New York’s Penn Station ticket-vending machines, at Newark Liberty International Airport Rail Station, and on bus routes 6, 43, 80, 81, 87 and 120 and on some buses on the 126 line, NJ Transit announced today.

“Our partnership with Google demonstrates that NJ Transit and the state are at the forefront of emerging technology, paving the way for further exploration of new customer service technologies,” Gov. Chris Christie said in a statement. “I’m proud that New Jersey’s public transportation system is the very first public transportation agency to partner with Google Wallet, joining thousands of retailers accepting Wallet across the nation.”