George Clooney And Amal Alamuddin To Get Nobel Peace Prizes, Predicts John Lambros

George Clooney may have well deserved the Golden Globe Awards and Oscar nominations he has received during his illustrious career. He even deserved the MTV Movie Award for best breakthrough performance back in 1996, but does Hollywood’s sexiest stud also deserve a Nobel Peace Prize?

John Lambros, his close friend, made a speech to that effect at Clooney’s marriage to human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin. George and his wife are very much up for a Nobel Peace Prize due to their passion and efforts on behalf of numerous human rights causes.

In his heartfelt speech, Lambros, who has known George for many years, shared his thoughts on the matter of the upcoming peace prize, “Okay, I am projecting, but I am also making that call public tonight … perhaps the first husband-and-wife team to win the [Nobel] Prize for Peace.”

Indeed it would be a first in terms of a husband-wife Nobel Peace Prize duo, especially as one of the parties is one of Hollywood’s biggest stars.

In Lambros’ speech, which was followed later by two other heartfelt speeches, he also spoke about how important loyalty and friendship are to George Clooney, saying that despite his success,

“The friend we have known as George for years has not changed as a friend one bit. It is more a function of how deeply, how honestly and how genuinely George both cares for and enjoys the people in his life, and how much he values friendship.”

In his speech, Lambros was sure not to leave out the lovely bride as he turned to Amal, saying,

“To say we, George’s friends, have been waiting for you, Amal, for a while is another enormous understatement. ‘And when a man has seen a woman whom he would have chosen if he had intended to marry speedily, his remaining a bachelor will always depend on her resolution rather than his.'”

For the time being, suggestions of a joint Nobel Peace Prize for George Clooney and his new wife Amal Alamuddin are premature and nothing more than speculation. Nevertheless, George and Amal are good candidates for the esteemed prize, so perhaps John Lambros knows something we don’t.