The Fappening Continues: Nick Hogan Is The First Male To Have Nude Photos Leaked

The Fappening has its first male victim: Nick Hogan. According to TMZ, the son of wrestler Hulk Hogan had his nude photos leaked online. Everyone sort of knew that male photos were going to make their way on to the internet next, but no one knew who would be the first victim… and which male celebs would be hit. So, Nick is the guy (and many more are expected after him).

“The photos that were hacked are voluminous and graphic. There are pics going back to his high school escapades, various girlfriends in various states of undress and sexual positions, penis pics and stuff like that,” reports TMZ.

Nick Hogan might not be a huge celebrity, and it is unknown why his photos were the first to leak… but it’s embarrassing for him and for his family nonetheless. Photos of his sister, Brooke Hogan, would have been more likely, as she has done some pretty sexy photo shoots over the years… but alas her brother was the hacked Hogan. Interestingly enough, there were apparently two photos of Nick and Brooke’s mom, Linda, which were included in the leak… but Nick says that those sexy MILF pics were not on his iCloud. Curious, huh?

Anyway, according to InTouch Weekly, the photos are graphic… and there is some speculation that the girls in the pics with Nick are under the age of 18. It’s unknown if this will turn out to be trouble for Nick… or just more lawsuits for the people responsible for these photo leaks.

“The pictures allegedly feature Hulk Hogan’s son in various sexual positions with different female partners and – worst of all — a source close to Nick claims that in some of the pictures from his teenage years, the ladies in question are underage.”

Nick Hogan is in some fine company when it comes to having his junk exposed online. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, there have been several female celebrities that have been affected by The Fappening. From Jennifer Lawrence (The Hunger Games) to Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting (The Big Bang Theory)… and almost everyone in between, this hacker certainly went big. The latest female victims included actress Nina Dobrev (The Vampire Diaries) and model Joanna Krupa.

Nick has not tweeted about his misfortune, nor has he denied that the photos are real. It’s unknown if he plans to take legal action over the leak. Are you surprised that Nick Hogan was the first male victim?

[Photo courtesy of Valerie Macon/Getty Images North America via Zimbio]