iPad Air 2 Will Reportedly Be Announced October 16

The long wait for the iPad Air 2 is just about over, according to recent reports. Apple is said it is getting ready to announced the iPad Air 2 at an event on October 16. Even better news for fans of the Cupertino company’s gadgets is that the iPad Air 2 isn’t the only tablet getting a reveal that day.

Apple is supposedly also going to be unveiling a new iPad Mini and a much more powerful tablet, dubbed the iPad Pro. According to Digital Spy, the Pro will feature the biggest screen of any Apple tablet, measuring 12.9 inches. This particular device is supposedly aimed directly at taking on the Microsoft Surface Pro. If that is indeed the reason for the larger screened tablet, it would indicate Tim Cook views the Surface as a legitimate competitor for his company.

Tech Radar thinks the iPad Air 2 and the other iPads aren’t the only things Apple will be unveiling on October 16. The website believes the long-rumored Retina iMacs hardware will also debut at the event.

While Apple’s iOS 8 will go well with the iPad Air 2, the iMac is also getting a brand new operating system. OS X Yosemite is said to be shown off at the same unveiling. If the October 16 date is accurate, it means Apple actually moved up the date for the iPad Air 2 unveiling by about five days.

The five days isn’t enough to mean anything significant. It’s not that Apple needs to rush to get the device out there. It seems this is simply more of a situation where the company was ready to make the announcements and decided to move it up a bit.

While the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 might be available just a couple of weeks after their unveiling, the Pro is said to not be available until 2015. The specs for the newest tablet are expected to be impressive, and Apple is also said to be rolling out different case colors, much in the same way the company has done with the iPhone. There is even a rumored gold iPad Air 2 on the way. Obviously, this isn’t the most interesting aspect of the device for cyber junkies, but it could be another nice draw for those who are shopping for their next big gadget.

The big question for those who are most interested in this October 16 event is whether or not they want to wait. Will they be grabbing the iPad Air 2 as soon as it’s available or bide their time and go with the iPad Pro?