These Hilarious Photos Of Dogs ‘Confessing’ Will Make You Crack Up For Sure

Dogs have always been a curious breed, just like cats. While cats mostly destroy potted plants and upholstery, dogs have a much broader spectrum of wanton destruction. While both the species may not do it with an ill-intention, the end results are never what the owner of the house and the pet would want to witness and in many cases, clean-up. Scolding the dogs may work, but that doesn’t offer the much-need satisfaction. Hence these owners went a step ahead and snapped photos of these guilty dogs with ‘confessions’ of the crime they are guilty of.

I Am Sure No One Wants To See Such A Rainbow
Jesus Forgives, But This Guy's Not So Sure About It
Admit It, We Have All Been So Hammered At Some Point Of Time In Our Lives
At Least The Owner Attempted To Think From The Dog's Perspective
Wow. That's A Daring Daylight Heist
Maybe The Dog Wants To Play Hide-N-Seek
A Designer Dog!
That' Is One Sneaky And Greedy Dog
Well, The LEGO Company Shouldn't Make Them Looks So Damn Delicious
Does That Round Cushion Shame The Dog Into Staying Indoors?
The Dog Should Be In The Movies
What An Active Dog!
That's Just Mean

Dogs can and will be naughty. After all, they are fast learners and have masters who are, well, masters of the art of deception & conceit. Exasperated owners might not have managed to teach these guitly dogs any lesson by shaming them over a social media platform, but they must have surely won appreciation from other pet owners who must have suffered similarly.

All Images Credit | Facebook