Author Naomi Wolf Arrested At Occupy Wall Street Protest

Author Naomi Wolf was placed in handcuffs and taken to a local police station in New York City after the feminist author refused to get off the street during an Occupy Wall Street protest.

The ceremony was being used to honor New York Governor Andrew Cuomo who was receiving a "game changer of the year" award from the Huffington post, a site that Wolf contributes to.

Onlookers says Wolf was seen arguing with an NYPD officer who was ordering protesters off the street where they were blocking traffic, when she argued an onlooker says the officer told her to "tell it to the judge."

According to the Guardian Wolf originally showed up for the ceremony and then decided to join protesters on the streets in support of the soon to expire "millionaires tax."

Protesters came to Wolf's aid by marching on the closest stationhouse but they were met by an officer who said Wolf had already been issued a summons and was released from a different precinct.

Another day another arrest in New York City. When all is said and done NYC will have made a killing as citations and other court expenses are paid out by Occupy Wall Street protesters.

I personally think blocking traffic is a good reason for arresting someone who fails to cooperate with police. Do you think it was right for police to arrest Wolf for standing in the street.