CVS Punished For Lying About Product Sizes

CVS will pay $225,000 for a misleading product packaging on beauty products, mostly wrinkle creams but also an anti-frizz hair product.

This isn’t the first time CVS has been in the news recently. According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, CVS is no longer selling cigarettes in its stores. Cigarette sales account for nearly $2 billion in the health industry, so giving up cigarettes is a specific choice not normally made by corporations.

CVS has settled with four California counties after allegations were made that its product packaging did not accurately reflect the contents. CVS faces sanctions for making consumers believe they were getting more product, using false bottoms and false sides. Court documents say that 11 products under its own brand were applicable to this lawsuit. This action violates California business and profession codes as well as safety codes.

The following products have been mislabeled: Accelerated Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer, DayAccelerated Wrinkle Repair Moisturizer, NightAge Refine Eye Cream, 0.5 ounces, Age-Refine Day Cream, 2.5 ounces, Anti-Wrinkle And Firming Cream, Healthy Complexion Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer Acne Treatment Cream, Clear Skin, Frizz-Defy Hair Serum, Moisturizing Face Cream Hair Remover, Preventin -AT 2 in 1 Dark Circle And Wrinkle Eye Treatment, Maximum Scalp Relief, Ultra Firm And Lift Eye Duo.

CVS’s released an official statement is.

“CVS/pharmacy has entered into an agreement with District Attorneys in a few California counties to resolve allegations concerning the packaging size of certain CVS Brand products. CVS/pharmacy is committed to ensuring that its product packaging is sufficient in size to accommodate pertinent information about the product. CVS Brand products, including packaging, are generally designed to be similar to the national brand equivalents. While manufacturers generally choose the container size, CVS/pharmacy has agreed to redesign the packaging of certain CVS Brand items.”

CVS will be paying a total of $225,000 to Fresno, Yolo, Sacramento, and Shasta, as well as the Sacramento County Department of Weights and Measurements, the Yolo County Agricultural Commissioner, the California Department of Agriculture, Division of Weights and Measures.

“While manufacturers generally choose the container size, CVS/pharmacy has agreed to redesign the packaging of certain CVS brand items,” a CVS spokesperson wrote in an email.

CVS will hopefully remedy this situation and be more accurate in its labeling to prevent future litigation.