Emily Bett Rickards’ Nude Photo Leaked By The Fappening Shows All Of Felicity Smoke Of ‘Arrow’

Emily Bett Rickards’ nude photo leaked by the hackers behind the Fappening allegedly shows all you’d ever want to see of the Felicity Smoke character from the Arrow TV show.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, the Fappening also leaked out Joanna Krupa’s nude photos in addition to a large collection of personal photos of Nina Dobrev. Partially because authorities have been unable to stop the spread of the celebrity photos, some celebrities have chosen to sue Google for allowing the Fappening to be found at all in search results. The Fappening is also releasing photos on almost a daily basis now, and just today the list includes Ellie Kemper, Erin Heatherton, Kelly Brook, Anna Lynn McCord, Salome Stevein, Ingrid Michaelson, Erin Cummins, and Elodie Varlet.

Even though everyone is talking about the celebrity nude photos the hackers behind the Fappening actually grabbed photos and videos of all types. A good chunk of what is being released does not even involve sex or nudity at all, instead focusing on the day-to-day lives of celebrities. For example, Anna Kendrick’s leaked photos seem to come in several flavors. Most of them show her hanging out with an apparent boyfriend or having fun at parties. Unfortunately, the latter pictures were the embarrassing ones since she’s shown with marijuana joints, glass pipes, and other hijinks.

In this case, the Fappening hackers really did release Emily Bett Rickards nude photo. Notice that is singular, not plural, since they literally only managed to release one picture. But it’s apparently embarrassing enough since it show Felicity Smoke in all her full glory. The only other photo the Fappening released was a collage of Emily Bett Rickards’ photos, which is apparently intended to prove the leaked photo is indeed showing her and not some lookalike.

Everyone might have assumed the pouty lips were for her Arrow character, but apparently it’s a trademark facial expression. It’s also pretty safe to assume the photo on the left is a snippet of Emily Bett Rickards’ nude photo, although what makes her seem so surprised has to make you wonder. Maybe we’ll have to wait until Arrow Season 3 to find out?