‘Bigfoot Whisperer’ Claims New Approach To Search For Creature

A Bigfoot hunter from Oklahoma claims to have a new approach to the search for the hairy, man-like monster, asserting that his methods have helped him get eerily close to the beast.

Farlan Huff has been searching for proof of Bigfoot for years, according to KFOR, but only recently began employing different methods than many other Bigfoot hunters. Previously, he tracked the beast with motion sensitive cameras, showing pictures he insists are of Bigfoot to any who would be interested in seeing them. While searching for the legendary creature, however, he began to develop a different understanding of what Bigfoot may really be.

“I used to think of them as similar to what we all have the notion of cave men looking like,” Huff asserted, adding, “I’ve gone from wondering what they were to who they are.”

Hypothesizing that Bigfoot may be something closer to human than ape, Huff decided to change his tactics, according to UPI, making his sojourns into Bigfoot territory less intrusive and gentler.

“I want to be non-threatening. If you want to try to have an encounter you’ve got to be respectful,” he said.

While many scoff at the idea of Bigfoot’s existence, Huff is assured in his belief in the creature. His new tactics, he claims, have already produced measurable results, leading to a recent nighttime encounter with Bigfoot.

“There was a voice right in my face. I could have reached right out and touched it if I’d wanted. And it was just in a language I couldn’t understand. It was like, ‘abba roubla boolla boulla,'” Huff related.

Hairy, Bigfoot-like humanoids have been reported the world over, as The Inquisitr has previously noted. Recently, researchers in Russia claimed to have proof of the existence of an Almas, their own version of Bigfoot. Thought to be more closely related to neanderthals than the Bigfoot of North America, the Almas has been spotted in forests on the outskirts of Moscow, leaving signs that researchers have sent to the United States for DNA testing.

While many others have searched for the legendary creature, which has been spotted in every American state except for Hawaii, Huff hopes that one day his efforts may pay off, leading to a face-to-face encounter with Bigfoot.

“I picture myself as an old man with maybe two or three months to live, and I get to bump knuckles with Bigfoot. Like, ‘Hey. How ya doin?'”

[Image via Paranormal Stories]