Are Russian Women The Best Twerkers In The World? [Videos]

The dance known as twerking has been a staple when it comes to provocative dances in the club. However, today's media seems to have put emphasis on the dance move. The Inquisitr has reported on such in which most involve Miley Cyrus such as her twerking over vanished secret sex journal. This did come after she said she'd retire from the move, but it could be reported the events of said journal happened before retirement. It's okay, because others will take twerking up such as Helen Mirren.

However, for many fans of twerking, there seems to be one question they all ask: who are the best twerkers in the world? Apparently there is one dance group in the world famous for dance in general, but also making a name for themselves for twerking as seen by the numerous videos of them on Youtube. The dance studio featured is DHQ Fraules in Siberia. So how big of a deal are they? You can check out the video (that has over 10 million views) and see for yourself. WARNING: the video is highly suggestive and contains music with very NSFW language. You can see it by clicking this link.

Over 10 million people were mesmerized by all that shaking in which over 37,000 left with a smile on their face! Anyways, the studio hosts a number of dancers who have expert training not just in twerking but in other forms of dance as well. Yelena Yatkina, is known as the "face" and founder of DHQ Fraules and is featured in many of their promotional videos. As a matter of fact, she's the one in the center in the beginning of the video mentioned above.

According to Kansas City Star, Yelena Yatkina and the rest of the DHQ Fraules crew are visited numerous times choreographers, especially the ones who work with superstars like Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce. Besides that, they believe the secret to success is traveling the world as much as possible as well as competing in as many competitions as they can. The business plan has served them well as RT reported that DHQ Fraules has become so popular, they have been heavily featured in the music video for Major Lazer's "Watch Out For This."

Now that you've seen what the Siberian girls at DHQ Fraules can do, what is your opinion? Please let everyone know in the comments below.

[Image via Screenshot of Major Lazer - "Watch Out For This"]