13-Year-Old Boy, Christian Lorinczy, Dies After Being Shocked By A Fence At Lincoln High School

A 13-year-old Michigan boy has died after he was shocked when he fell against a fence at the Lincoln High School football stadium. The eighth grade Lincoln Middle School student was at the high school stadium to support his cousin, a Lincoln Middle School football player.

The student who passed away has been identified as Christian Lorinczy, according to ABC 7.

— Dave Spencer (@DspencerReports) October 3, 2014

Some have questioned why an electric fence was put around the football stadium to begin with, but according to the school district, it wasn’t. The fence was not an electric fence, and it is unclear how it became charged with electricity. It is being called a tragic accident.

Lincoln Superintendent Ellen Bonter explained that the fence was part of a handicap access point. The fence was attached to the bleachers of the Lincoln High School football stadium, and reiterated that it was not supposed to be electrified.

The school district later issued a statement informing the community that the child who was shocked at the middle school game at the Lincoln High School football stadium had passed away. The statement also said that Christian was tossing around a football with another one of his cousins when he fell into the fence and was shocked.

A 40-year-old woman attempting to help was also shocked, but she suffered only minor injuries. An off-duty firefighter and nurse happened to be on he scene and administered CPR to the boy, according to MLIVE. The field was evacuated, and the game was cancelled Tuesday night. Power to the entire field was shut off until the investigation concludes and whatever caused the fence to become electrified is resolved.

Christian attended South Side Baptist Tabernacle Church and is survived by his parents, two brothers, and two sisters, according to a report by MLIVE.

“Christian was a vibrant young man within our school system and has been with us for many years. He’s touched the lives of a great many people,” Superintendent Ellen Bonter said. “The hearts of many here are absolutely broken today.”

Lincoln High School issued an additional statement on the investigation into how the fence became electrified in the first place. The investigation continues, according to the statement by Lincoln High School.

“A State of Michigan Electrical Inspector, a Michigan State Police Detective/Sargent, township fire officials, master electricians, the WISD Director of Facilities, and our own LCS Maintenance staff have worked since the incident to determine exactly what took place and why. Each day has brought them closer to definitive answers, but the specific facts are still unknown. The LHS Football Stadium and Track Facility will remain off limits and without electrical power until further notice. Updates to this posting will provide factual information as it becomes available.”

The police declined to speculate on how the fence at Lincoln High School was able to shock the middle school student until the investigation is completed.

[Photo via ABC 7 video clip]