Katherine Heigl Gets Naked For Hot ‘State Of Affairs’ Scene, Shares Photo

Katherine Heigl is back on the small screen, and she is not shy about showing off her body for the cameras. Fans will see her naked during a steamy love scene for NBC series State of Affairs. During her time on Grey’s Anatomy, Heigl stripped down several times for the cameras, and her new character is doing so once again. Katherine wasted no time at all. Heigl shared a behind-the-scenes photo of her strip down for the cameras on her Instagram this week. Shockingly, the actress is not alone in her nakedness in the new photo.

The male cast and crew for State of Affairs decided to join Heigl. They each stripped down and crowded onto bed with the actress. Heigl shared the fun photo on her Instagram account of Thursday.

The NBC series will premiere on November 10, and production is currently ongoing. This is not the first behind-the-scenes photo Heigl shared recently. Another Katherine Heigl photo showed the actress covered in blood for another scene. Fans do not need to worry about Heigl though. The blood was fake.

According to E! Online, Heigl will take on the role of a CIA operative who is chosen to be the president’s daily briefer in State of Affairs. Katherine Heigl is definitely not new to television audiences. Katherine starred in the highly popular ABC series Grey’s Anatomy as Izzie Stevens for the first five seasons. She departed the series during Season 6 of the medical drama. Her exit created drama of its own with some behind-the-scenes troubles between her and Shonda Rhimes.

After her Grey’s departure, Heigl focused on her film career and became a mother. She adopted two girls in recent years, and she married Josh Kelley seven years ago. Heigl met the singer during the production of one of his music videos. The actress recently shared another photo of her and her daughters. The photo shows Katherine Heigl in another bed with more clothes, and she is ready for a relaxing night with her girls.

Katherine Heigl developed a reputation in Hollywood since her career began. Many have said she is difficult to work with on set. The reputation started during her time on Grey’s Anatomy. Inquisitr previously reported on Heigl’s comments about her reputation in Hollywood. The actress had to answer a pointed question from the press during the TCA’s while promoting her new series.

“I can only say that I certainly don’t see myself as difficult. I would never intend to be difficult. I think it’s important for everyone to conduct themselves professionally, respectfully and kindly.”

Judging from the smiles in her behind-the-scenes photo, the men connected to State of Affairs do not find Heigl difficult to work with on set. What do you think? Are you ready for the return of Katherine Heigl to the small screen?

[Photo: Katherine Heigl Instagram]