Miami Beach Prepares For The King Tide And A Future Of High Waters [Video]

The annual King Tide is expected to hit Miami Beach this week, which threatens to send sea water over sea walls and create flooding. The City of Miami Beach is working diligently to avoid widespread disaster as this King Tide is expected to bring about an extra foot of water and exceed sea walls.

The King Tide, according to Reuters, is an extra high tide caused by the alignment of the Earth, the moon, and our sun.

According to Reuters, worries about the King Tide are giving Miami area residents and officials a taste of what to be concerned with in the future. That coastal region of southern Florida is especially low, and stands to be among the most influenced of densely populated areas if sea levels rise as high as climate experts foresee. Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales says that Miami Beach is already seeing more frequent salt-water street flooding at high tide.

The United States Geological Survey predicts that sea levels in southern Florida will rise two feet in the next five decades, The Huffington Post reported. Sea walls won't protect Miami very much from high tides because much of the flooding comes from beneath the city, rising up through the limestone bedrock below.

"There is no serious thinking, no serious planning, about any of this going on at the state level," Chuck Watson, a disaster-­impact analyst, explained last year. "The view is, 'Well, if it gets real bad, the federal government will bail us out.' It is beyond denial; it is flat-out delusional."

This year, officials are getting serious and are planning for a future of higher sea waters, according to Reuters.

"Mayor Philip Levine unveiled one of several new water pumping stations designed to keep Miami Beach dry for years to come and to be ready for the threat of sea level rise associated with climate change," according to the City Of Miami Beach TV, in the video segment discussing rising sea levels and King Tides.

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