We Now Have a Mummy After 3,000 Years

We are getting a mummy again after 3,000 years courtesy of Alan Billis. The 61-year-old former British taxi driver was terminally ill with cancer when he volunteered to be mummified just like the pharaohs.

Billis had the backing of his entire family, especially his wife, who said:

“I’m the only woman in the country who’s got a mummy for a husband.”

In a documentary entitled Mummyfying Alan: Egypt’s Last Secret which we also reported here at Inquisitr, Billis said:

“Experimenting is all about trying different processes to make things work. If it doesn’t work it’s not the end of the world, is it? Don’t make any difference to me, I’m not going to feel it. It’s still bloody interesting.”

Scientist Stephen Buckley of York University, an expert on Egyptian preservation techniques, led the team that mummified Billis.


This is how it all went: His internal organs, including his lungs and intestines, were removed. His brain though was left in place. The body’s moisture was removed using natron, a caustic salt, which was described by Greek historian Herodotus in 450 BC.

His corpse was then immersed in a salt bath for more than a month and was eventually covered with a special protective layer of oils.

Just like the classic image of mummy that we all know, Billis’ body was then wrapped in linen, protecting it from light and insects.

Would you volunteer to be mummified in the future?