Miranda Lambert Split: Is Blake Shelton Cheating With Cady Groves?

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton might be headed for a split if recent reports are true. The Voice mentor has been accused -- once again -- of having an affair, and the woman who he's supposedly sleeping with is someone whom he's been linked to in the past. According to Radar Online, Shelton has been cozying up to singer Cady Groves. Apparently, Blake and Cady had some flirty back and forth on Twitter, and then carried on an affair for an unknown length of time.

Now, this isn't the first time cheating rumors surrounded Shelton. Many often refer to him as a "ladies man," and sources say that Blake has had his fair share of women over the years. But there seems to be something with Cady, as this is not the first time that her name has been mentioned in the same sentence as Blake's.

While Miranda Lambert has not been accused of cheating on her husband, Blake Shelton's name has pretty much been dragged through the mud since the two got married. Back in March of 2013, Gossip Copdebunked a rumor that Shelton had relations with Cady Groves, after a story was run by Life & Style Magazine. Apparently Groves is an easy target -- and since she's been accused of having an affair with Blake in the past, why shouldn't she be the media's go-to girl this time around?

There are several others stories that suggest that Blake and Miranda are splitting up, aside from the cheating rumors. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the couple hasn't been able to spend much time together, and with their different schedules working against them, the two have supposedly drifted apart.

"They're barely together. Miranda is worried that if this keeps up, they'll continue to grow apart," a source said.

Miranda has been touring the world while Blake is back in Los Angeles working on The Voice. Although Miranda's tour is wrapping up this month, she just announced another tour for 2015. According to the country singer's website, she will visit nearly 30 cities beginning in January. She will be on the road with Justin Moore... so expect those affair rumors to kick up next year -- if she and Blake are still together, of course.

"Kicking off in January 2015, The Certified Platinum Tour will include ACM New Artist of the Year winner Justin Moore who has 5 #1 singles to his credit including 'Point At You,' 'Lettin' The Night Roll,' 'Small Town USA,' 'If Heaven Weren't So Far Away,' and 'Til My Last Day,' and several Top 10's from his Gold certified albums."