Weddings Are Beautiful, But They Can Be Weird As Well, As These Bizarre Bridesmaids Prove [Video]

If you've been part of a wedding, or have had a wedding of your own — or more than one wedding, as some of us have experienced — you know that the special day can be the highlight of your life. Or it can be, well, just plain weird.

The Inquisitr has delved on several occasions into the archives of one of our favorite sites, Awkward Family Photos, where hundreds of the oddest, most uncomfortable images from life's various special moments — birthdays, holidays and yes, weddings — are on display, if you dare gaze upon the strangeness.

This time, its our never-awkward pals at BuzzFeed who have made the journey into the Awkward Family Photos collection to compile some of the strangest bridesmaid photos you'll ever see into one, 90-second video. After you watch this clip, you'll be glad that your invite to these weddings got lost in the mail.

It's clear that someone relates to these odd bridesmaid experiences. This BuzzFeed video has been viewed more than 4 million times since going online just four days ago.

And if you are ever asked to serve as a bridesmaid, of course there are certain duties you are required to perform. The top such duty is to provide moral support to the bride, who is likely to be as nervous as she is ecstatic about her big day.

Do these bridesmaids live up to that obligation? We think from these photos, it seems like those bizarre bridesmaids will do just about anything for their brides, including pose for extremely awkward photos.