This Cat is Going To Eat Some Yogurt — And You Can’t Have Any!

We all know that cats can be, well, a little self-centered sometimes. At least, it seems that way. But few cats exhibit the refinement and breeding that of the little lady in this video who is determined to keep her favorite treat, a container of yogurt, all to herself.

That’s right. No hissing, or whapping, or growling. Just watch how the white-and-black cat handles the situation when her housemate tries to nose in on the yogurt supply. It’s a very simple solution, but this cat is simply not going to share.

The truth is, this selfish cat notwithstanding, cats are not as selfish as we think they are. What we humans see as selfishness, or self-centered behavior, to a cat is simply pure practicality. Even our lovable little housecats still have the instincts of wildcats living in the jungle, where they have no one to rely on for their survival but themselves.

That’s why cats prefer to take care of their own needs, and sometimes don’t seem as “connected” to us, or their fellow animals as, say, dogs do.

But cats are not really selfish at all. They are just programmed to survive. When they are placed in situations where they must deal with other cats, they have a complex system of time sharing, in which cats will take turns occupying certain spaces — with higher ranked cats getting the priority treatment.

In this cat and yogurt video, however, there’s no doubt which cat ranks higher.