High School Bans Yoga Pants As Girls Are Distracting Teachers

A high school in North Dakota has banned its students from wearing yoga pants and skinny jeans after it was revealed that some teachers were getting distracted by the girls’ skimpy outfits.

It wasn’t just the teachers at Devils Lake High School who were getting distracted though, because, as you can probably imagine, many of the hormonal teenage boys were also guilty of letting their minds wander when they saw the girls in these outfits.

Mariah Fixon, a senior at the school, has now explained the reasoning behind the decision.

“In some cases, there will be young male teachers and they can’t tell you, of course, what you’re wearing is distracting. So they have to get a female teacher to tell you.”

However, students and their parents have reacted furiously to the decision. Candace Olsen, is one the many parents who are apoplectic, and she has now declared that the boys should be able to control themselves.

“A lot of the parents went on Facebook and we were discussing it. And, they were talking about how they think the boys should be able to control themselves and the girls should be able to wear the leggings and the jeggings. And, when I was in high school I think we wore a little bit more provocative clothing.”

However, another reason why the parents are rather miffed at the school is the way that they tried to handle the situation. Rather than sitting them down and simply discussing the manner in a reasonable and forthright manner, they showed them clips from Pretty Woman instead. Yeah, that’s right, the film where Julia Roberts plays a prostitute. They thought this would be the right way to explain that what they were wearing was inappropriate.

The school’s assistant principal has now tried to explain their reasoning behind the decision, while insisting that they were only thinking of the safety and wellbeing of the students.

“In some cases, where there will be young male teachers and they can’t tell you, of course, that what you’re wearing is distracting or anything. So, they have to get a female teacher to tell you. Especially when they’re so young and vulnerable and you’re still learning who you are. I think that they should be able to wear what they’re comfortable in as long as it’s reasonable.”

Do you think yoga pants should be banned from schools? Or should students be allowed to wear what they want?

[Image via CDN]