If There’s One Thing Cuter Than A Sleepy Cat, It’s A Sleepy Kitten — In A Food Coma

Do know what “postprandial somnolence” is? The sleepy cat in this video does, even if he can’t exactly put it into words. In fact, “postprandial somnolence” is better known as a “food coma,” and this kitty experiences this physiological phenomenon in what can only be described as hilarious fashion.

Here at the Inquisitr, we’ve brought you sleepy cat videos before, like the one at this link. Why? Because they’re funny. There’s something unbearably cute about a cat struggling to stay awake and play, or just get more attention, but instead fighting a losing battle with Mr. Sandman.

As with human beings, this often occurs after a nice meal. Yes, cats go into food comas, too. And let’s face it, if there’s one thing cuter than a sleepy cat, it’s a sleepy kitten. And if there’s one thing cuter than a sleepy kitten — it’s a sleepy kitten in a food coma.

The poor little fella in this video wants to stay away so bad — but just watch what happens. We promise this little sleepy cat will be good for a laugh, and a major cute attack.