Lemony Snicket Explains Occupy Wall Street Protest To Children

Lemony Snicket (author Daniel Handler) has led his characters through A Series of Unfortunate Events and now the author has posted 13 observations on Occupy Wall Street to help kids understand what is happening in New York City.

Posted on the Occupy Writers website Snicket offers such advice as:

“People who say money doesn’t matter are like people who say cake doesn’t matter — it’s probably because they’ve already had a few slices.”

Handler decided to write his 13 observations after realizing that parents were taking their children to the protests, while others couldn’t make it out.

My personal favorite Snicket reference is:

“Historically, a story about people inside impressive buildings ignoring or even taunting people standing outside shouting at them turns out to be a story with an unhappy ending.”


MTV2 show Wonder Showzen has even tackled the Occupy Wall Street issue using kids, albeit with very different motives and geared towards adults, even before the movement began a young reporter walked around Wall Street asking men in suits “Who did you exploit today?”

In another case the Washington Post tells the story of a lady who took her six-year-old to the protest and asked people to explain to her small child what they were standing up against.

As Occupy Wall Street continues to expand into international markets it’s important that children understand how the environment around them is changing, in the meantime I could really use a piece of cake about now.

What do you think about children becoming educated about the Occupy Wall Street movement.