Bruno Mars Tour With Bottle Boys? You’ll Wish After This Version Of ‘Locked Out Of Heaven’

Bruno Mars and beer bottle musicians the Bottle Boys should go on tour together.

That was my thought after hearing this incredible version of “Locked Out of Heaven,” played entirely on a slew of empty beer bottles.

While The Huffington Post notes that the Denmark-based novelty act “doesn’t drink” when they get together with beer bottles, instead opting to play music, I’m not so sure about that.

This is exactly the kind of alcohol-fueled creativity that comes from a night of draining these “instruments” one at a time. Then again, you would have to be sober to pull this off with the precision and expertise of the Bottle Boys.

In fact, I’m not sure even Bruno Mars himself could pull it off. But enough rambling about how great it is. Here’s the 2 minute, 53 second clip so you can see (and hear) for yourself.

As for the actual Bruno Mars tour, he’s actually on his Moonshine Jungle tour at present with his next date October 4 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

His next Las Vegas shows, slated for October 17 and 18, have been sold out — the sixth time this year that has happened! He just so happens to be pitching a shutout selling out Vegas shows with a pair of dates in May and August preceding the October run.

It’s not hard to understand why Mars is so money in Vegas. His Super Bowl show made him a lot of fans earlier this year, and his roots to Sin City go back a long way.

Just how long?

In June, The Inquisitr reported on Bruno Mars’ first movie role, which happened to take place in Vegas.

The criminally forgotten Nicolas Cage rom-com Honeymoon in Vegas featured a then-7-year-old Bruno Mars as a tiny Elvis impersonator performing “Can’t Help Falling In Love.”

(The Force is strong in this one.)

As for real movies, we’re not sure if we’ll see Bruno Mars return to the big screen any time soon, but it would be most welcome.

As for the Bottle Boys, what did you think of their version of “Locked Out of Heaven”? Give it a play, and then sound off in our comments section.

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