Bill O’Reilly On Ebola Threat: ‘President Obama Should Order An Immigration Quarantine’

Bill O’Reilly outlined a plan to fight the Ebola threat in America in the “Talking Points” segment of The O’Reilly Factor — the U.S. should immediately end all flights from West Africa.

O’Reilly pointed out that, according to a Fox News poll, 68 percent of people are concerned that Ebola will spread to the U.S.

Now it is here, with the first case being diagnosed in Texas, and The Factor host fears people are going to panic.

The Liberian national, Thomas Duncan, who is being treated for Ebola in a Dallas hospital, helped a 19-year old woman in Liberia who died from the disease. He then left Liberia and, appearing outwardly healthy, arrived in the U.S. on September 20.

Duncan went to the hospital in Dallas last week with Ebola symptoms and notified the staff of his travel history. The Inquisitr reports that due to a flaw in the system, he was sent home with antibiotics and not treated for the disease at that time. A few days later, he returned to the hospital by ambulance, where he was properly diagnosed with Ebola and was kept for treatment.

The CDC is now saying that Duncan came in contact with at least 100 people before being hospitalized, and Dallas citizens are very concerned.

O’Reilly showed a clip of interviews done with people in the area reacting to the news, one of whom said, “People won’t shake each other’s hands. They won’t talk to each other. They are scared to go into the restroom.”

Another woman expressed concern for school-age child, after reports that several young children had been exposed to the deadly virus through Duncan.

“They need to tell us what child it is because, I mean, if it was in their class I’m going to be 10 times more pissed than I already am.”

Commenting on the interviews, O’Reilly said, “So there we have are — many people frightened and angry that Ebola may spread throughout the USA.”

He went on to say that it is the federal government’s obligation under the Constitution to “provide for the common good.”

“First of all, all flights from West Africa should immediately be discontinued to the U.S.A. and Europe should do the same thing. Now I feel sorry for the West African nations but there is an epidemic of Ebola there and it will spread because the incubation period lasts for up to 21 days. Also U.S. immigration should allow no one, no one to enter this country holding a passport from any West African nation. That policy should last until the Ebola epidemic subsides in Africa.”

“As you may know many people hold irrational fears and that’s contagious as well,” O’Reilly added. “Once Ebola starts spreading around the country, chaos will follow therefore West Africans should not be admitted into the USA until the epidemic is controlled in cases of life and death you must err on the side of caution. So President Obama should order right now immigration quarantine from those areas.”

However, the United Nations doesn’t agree with O’Reilly. According to ABC News, a U.N. spokesperson told reporters Thursday, “It’s very important not to isolate these countries” because it would worsen the political and economic situations and aid groups need access to the areas affected.”

What do you think? Is a quarantine going too far, or is the only way to protect the U.S. from the Ebola epidemic?

[Image via Fox News]